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July 2014 (for German speakers):


Rape in war has been focused on in a summit on sexual violence in London. Governments were requested to bring war rapists to justice. All this with British Foreign Minister Hague seeking photo opportunity alongside Hollywood star Angelina Jolie but without a word about the wide spread enforced governmental/military establishment ‘training methods’ which constitute the very basis for rape in war - the institutional use of sexual violence and abuse against male recruits, in which women very often play a major and intentional role. Without addressing this question rape in war will never be abolished. We need respect and protection of all human beings also the conscripted and volunteer soldiers.


December 2013: Mandela United Football Club and a heroe’s legacy



13.3.13  BILD Zeitung, Germany’s biggest tabloid. Doesn’t this picture, that has entered the tabloid’s photo competition, show it all when it comes to military discipline. Not one of these soldiers from the  German air forces dares step out of line and see to their comrade who has fallen to the ground. They were all waiting to swear the oath of allegiance to their state but none of them felt their friend’s life and health would be allowed to take priority over that…. It’s not their fault, it is the systems. It shows what you can do to people. It shows the destruction of the mind caused by the military system. I have seen a similar picture from Britain with the Queen on a horse right in front of  a guard lying on the ground. What a world we live in.

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